Teams Qualifying 2019

March 15th is going to be our next challenge as Austria-Racing is going to compete in Frankfurt Germany at the regional finals. HTL Steyr and VIS sending 3 senior and 1 junior team. Stay tuned and link with our social media to stay in the loop.


The teams are working hard to prepare for the competition in March 2019

Team World Finals 2018

ACHIEVEMENTS World Finals 2018

Social Media and Marketing Award presented by ID PR and Marketing
Nominated for the image of the week
Overall 25th rank

Teams Qualifying 2018

The qualifying was very successful for Austria-Racing since the ranks 2nd, 3rd and 4th in the seniors as well as rank 5th in the juniors judging going to Austria-Racing. Further the teams of Austria-Racing were awarded as Austrian champions in both senior (Team Horizon) and junior (Titans Team). The race car of Team Wave run the fastest race-time and was in the finals of the knockout competition.


Ranks 2nd, 3rd and 4th for the Senior
5th Rank for the Juniors
Fastest car (Wave)
Fastest reaction time (Titans)
Austrian Champion for seniors and juniors (Horizon and Titans)
2nd in the Knock Out race (Wave)

Teams Qualifying 2017

ACHIEVEMENTS Qualifying 2017

3rd overall and Austrian Champion for SWIFT
Knockout finals Team Bullet vs Woodtech
Knock out Winner Team Bullet

Team World Finals 2017

ACHIEVEMENTS World Finals 2017

7th fastest car
Overall 11th rank
scrutineering award presented by the FIA

The Airy Eagles

Team 2016


Award for outstanding sportsmanship
9th place overall
6th fastest car

Team 2015

Automotive Engineers Racing Bulls Austria


23rd Rank